Increase Your Revenue & Retain Top Talent by Transforming Your Sales Managers Into Effective Sales Coaches

At SalesCoachr, we’ll turn your sales managers into highly-effective sales coaches, so you can accelerate the capability of your sales talent using what your people already have. With our expertise, we’ll help you unlock the true potential of your salespeople and take their performance to a whole new level.

*No Commitment required. Just 15
minutes of your time

At SalesCoachr, We'll Help Your Team...


Boost Productivity & Sales Performance

Develop processes and tools that enable sales managers to reach their targets through powerful coaching techniques.


Drive Accountability to Guarantee Improvement

Eliminate the frustration of expensive one-off training that doesn't lead to sustained improvement in performance.

Attract & Retain Top Notch Salespeople

Equip your managers to motivate their teams effectively so that you retain sales talent that lands bigger and more qualified deals.

turn managers into coaches

Turn Your Sales Managers Into Effective Coaches

Transform your managers into top-class coaches who drive accountability, unlock potential, and hit sales targets

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We Know Sales Coaching so Well That We Wrote
the Book on It


SalesCoachr’s Founder Mark Garrett Hayes is the author of the value-packed and highly-praised book ‘Sales Coaching Essentials’.


Endorsed by best-selling authors like Mike Weinberg, Matt Dixon, and Jeb Blount, as well as top sales leaders around the world, this book will help you crack the code and show you how to enable your frontline sales managers to perform at their best as coaches.


You’ll discover why all sales leaders must become better coaches, and learn practical ways to make this happen – so you can get the best from your most important strategic asset – your people.


Are You Having Trouble Consistently Hitting Your Sales Targets (and Losing Revenue Because of it?)

As a Sales Leader or Sales Enablement leader, chances are you’re passionate about building a successful frontline team of managers to lead your organization’s sales talent.

Many sales managers have come from the trenches. They’ve been successful as individual contributors.

But that’s no guarantee they can get the same results from others, right? Managing a sales team is just not for everyone.

Not every sales rep is right for a leadership role and not everyone lasts in the role (even if they get the job!).

And if your managers can’t coach, their job gets tough fast. They may burn out and quit! And that puts their problems back on your plate.
Instead, you want competent sales managers who know how to attract key sales talent, develop it, and retain it. That’s a lot of responsibility.

Giving your managers world-class coaching skills will take their sales leadership to the next level so that you get the best performance possible from your salespeople.

But, Figuring Out How to Enable Your
Sales Managers to Properly Coach Can
Feel Like a Real Challenge

With competing priorities and deadlines, most sales managers don’t have the time or

energy to figure out how to do things differently.


But continuing business-as-usual leads to frustration, stress, and a sales team that

consistently underperforms or quit


If you find yourself saying “Yes!” to any of the following, you may need

some expert help from outside your team…

Are your managers struggling to meet their targets despite participating in countless training sessions?
And they’re steadily losing morale because of it…

Are you fed up spending time and money on comprehensive onboarding and training for your salespeople only to have them leave the company too soon? And then you have to do it all over again with new people…

Are stress levels on your team running high on a monthly basis? And maybe some team members are even getting dangerously close to burnout…

Do you get frustrated because your managers too often come to you with problems they should be able to solve themselves? And you’re suffering from an ever-increasing workload as you find yourself jumping into the trenches to help them…

Do you sometimes feel like there’s a revolving door of sales talent coming and going? But you aren’t sure how to hold on to salespeople who feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied in their jobs…

Have you promoted your top salespeople into manager roles only to find that they lack the necessary leadership skills? But you aren’t sure how to support them so that they can grow into their new role…

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, or you just want guaranteed performance improvement from your sales leaders, we can help.

At SalesCoachr, We Help Sales Managers Boost the Performance of Their
Sales Teams


Many managers don’t know how to effectively motivate their teams. We solve this problem by providing a step-by-step program that transforms your sales managers into sales coaches so they consistently get the best out of every member of their sales team.

flagship program

Introducing Our Flagship Program Sales Coach OS™: Guiding Your Sales Managers From Coaching Zero to Coaching Superhero

At SalesCoachr, we offer expert, hands-on help to empower your sales managers to harness the power of coaching.


This is not yet another program that will join the many casualties in the Sales Training Graveyard (you know what we’re talking about – those expensive sales training programs that you invest so much in but have little or no impact on your team’s performance).


Instead, we help you to increase the capacity of your sales managers to be effective coaches for their teams.

A 4-Step Process to Unstick Your
Sales Team & Ensure They Succeed


1. Diagnose What's Holding Your Sales Managers Back

We work with senior stakeholders to get to the bottom of why sales teams are underperforming. This involves…

2. Train Your Sales Managers to Be Effective Coaches.

We equip sales managers with effective coaching skills and how and when to use them by…

3. Individual & Group

Unlike one-off training providers who deliver a program and then leave the rest to you, we’re serious about helping you get sustainable results by…

4. Accountability Sessions to Drive Real Change

Our team will become an ongoing partner for your sales managers, so they can truly embed their coaching skills. We will…

In addition to this transformative sales coaching program for your sales managers, we also offer...

deal reviews

Deal Reviews & Deal Clinic Coaching

Got deals stuck in the pipeline? So many sales opportunities are half-qualified or poorly qualified and have no chance of closing this quarter or next…
executive coaching

Executive Coaching for Senior Sales Leaders

Are you tasked with ambitious targets but have limited time for yourself, loved-ones and your team? It can be incredibly stressful as a new sales leader to…

MEDDPICC / MEDDIC Training Bootcamp

Responsible for performance of a struggling sales team? When sales people aren’t properly enabled, revenue targets crumble and forecasts go out the window…

How Well Are Your
Sales Managers Performing Right Now?

If you’re like many sales leaders, chances are your frontline sales managers are probably functioning at an acceptable level (and perhaps having occasional months that dip dangerously close to not meeting targets).


But you don’t want to settle for ‘acceptable’ – you want your sales managers to thrive so they are not only meeting but exceeding targets, month after month!

SalesCoachr Empowers Leaders to
Achieve Levels of Success They
Never Thought Possible


An average day for your team BEFORE working with SalesCoachr

And where does all this leave you? With high talent churn, plummeting sales numbers, and endless frustration as you plod along in survival mode.


An average day for your team AFTER working with SalesCoachr

Isn’t this a weight off of your shoulders?

With SalesCoachr, your sales managers will be equipped with the world-class coaching skills and tools needed to uplift their sales teams. 

If Scenario #2 is the version of reality that you’d like for you team,
then SalesCoachr is the way to get there!

      What Our
Clients Have to
Say About Us…

"Mark's deal-reviews were a real game-changer. My next two business quarters saw an increase in win-rate and I owe a lot to Mark's coaching
Christian Curdy
Regional VP at Onfido
Mark really helped me get a $250K healthcare opportunity unstuck. You know when you are working on something, you sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees? I needed a second pair of eyes to close this deal out in Q4. Mark coached me through MEDDPICC and helped me come up with really insightful action-steps. They worked. Deal closed. Job done. Awesome.
James Ellis
Named AE at Redgate
I had a chat with my Manager and we decided to bring Mark in on the biggest deal in our pipeline. It was a huge $300K opportunity. Without Mark’s guidance and critical thinking, a lot of what I put into action just wouldn’t have been done. He got me to X-Ray the deal and think of ways to mitigate potential risks. It closed today for in excess of 300K. Cannot wait to speak again.
Prem Patel
GTM Lead at Okay

SalesCoachr is NOT Your Average Sales
Enablement Partner.

Our Commitment to Your Long-Term Success Sets Us Apart

We go beyond just sales training…

By enabling your sales managers to coach their teams, we help you unlock a whole new level of productivity. As effective coaches, your sales managers will be equipped to tackle current challenges and any future roadblocks that may appear for a more streamlined, successful team long term.

We hold your team accoundtable…

Knowledge is useless unless it is applied to real situations. But knowing what to do isn’t enough. Everyone needs real accountability. We ensure your sales managers embed what they’ve learned so they see results and you see an actual return on training investment

We empower you to make sustainable changes…

We’re not here to disrupt your business, slow down productivity, or put a halt to your sales success. Developing coaching skills is an investment, not an interruption for your team. We’ll help you make sustainable changes, so you can all reap the benefits of better sales, without the growing pains.

We stick around until you see results…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were your strongest, most productive, and most effective sales managers! That’s why we stick around to work with your managers until they adopt new behaviors and see the results you’ve been looking for. That’s our promise to you.

“Hi, I’m Mark Garrett Hayes…

..And I know how challenging developing sales talent can be."

As an expert in sales enablement and published author on the subject, I have seen the powerful impact that coaching can have on boosting performance.


Everyone can benefit from coaching, ​but the higher up your leadership structure, the more essential coaching is and the more transformative it becomes.


I founded SalesCoachr to help sales leaders and sales enablement decision-makers to perform at the highest levels.


I’m a former Sales Manager, accredited Coach, and certified Trainer passionate about helping sales leaders to empower their salespeople.


So if you’re ready and willing to experience the monumental impact that turning your sales managers into effective coaches can have on your sales team’s success, my team and I are standing by to help you get started now.


It’s decision time. Are You
Ready to Drive Productivity and
Get Better Results From Your Salespeople?

If so, It’s time to equip and empower your sales managers to become the best coaches and leaders they can be. At SalesCoachr, we’ll help you do exactly that so you can…

Contact us to schedule a 15-minute call,

and let’s get started today.

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Sales Coaching in Our Blog


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Sales Coaching Essentials:
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Sales Coaching Essentials:
How to Transform Your
Sales Team
Free Chapter of the Book
We will only send you awesome stuff.
Sales Coaching Essentials:
How to Transform Your
Sales Team
Free Chapter of the Book
We will only send you awesome stuff.